The Gathering - An Evening of Sacred Song & Prayer

The Gathering - An Evening of Sacred Song & Prayer is held the first Sunday of every month at 6:30 p.m. in our Sanctuary.  

At La Tijera, we celebrate diversity and know that not everyone is looking for the same things on their journey to find meaning and spirit in the world.  At The Gathering, you are invited to join in with all your heart, mind, body, and spirit.  You are invited to sing, listen, hum, join in at any time, move about the space, use the kneeling rail or pillows, or any place in our candlelight space to which you feel led.  There are writing materials should you wish to write a reflection or a prayer request.  Communion is offered at each Gathering - we have an "open" table, which means that all are weclome to share in the bread and cup if you so desire.  You do not have to be a member of the church or even a United Methodist to experience Communion.

At The Gathering, we extend an invitation to all to experience prayer in a way not commonly practiced in typical church service.  At The Gathering, you are encouraged to undergo a journey of the heart to where the God of silence rests . . . to listen to that voice that calls from within.  We invite people from all beliefs to prayer that is healing, contemplative, communal, dynamic, and reflective.  The Gathering lasts approximately one hour - filled with meditation, prayer, silence, scripture, and music in the style of Taize.

Most of the music in The Gathering comes to us from the ecumenical community in Taize.  Taize is a tiny village hidden in the hills of Burgundy in eastern France.  Since 1940, it's been the home of a monastic community whose contemplative prayer is at the center of their life.  The style of music at Taize services has evolved into one that uses short musical phrases with simple melodic units that can be readily memorized by anyone.

This service is appropriate for high school ages through adult.  Should you need child care for preschool through early elementary aged children,  you can make a child care request by emailing Pastor Lyda ( at least one full day before the scheduled service.

So come - immerse yourself in the healing waters of prayer for yourself, others, and the world at The Gathering - an Evening of Sacred Song & Prayer.
7400 Osage Avenue, Los Angeles, CA  90045, (310) 649-6267