What will a typical Sunday look like?

Each Sunday worship experience is unique, but every worship service has a relevant message, lots of music (a mix of contemporary, global and traditional hymns,) prayer, and a time of fellowship after the service.  Our service lasts approximately one hour.

Frequently Asked Questions . . . 
What should I wear to the service?

Casual dress is the norm - be yourself and come as you are.
Are kids welcome in worship?

At La Tijera, we value the unique contributions that children bring . . . and stress that children are welcome in the sanctuary during worship!  In the sanctuary, we have a convenient space with a changing table, crib and toys - you can enjoy the worship service with your littliest ones while they play.  
Will I be asked to give money?

As a guest, you will not be expected to participate in the giving portion of our service.  However, members and regular attendees are encouraged to be faithful to God in their giving to partner the church in its ministry to the lost, the hungry, the disconnected.
Will I be singled out as a first time visitor?

You will not be asked to announce yourself in any way, but don't be surprised if you are smiled at, greeted and welcomed!  We respect the right to anonymity, and it is our hope that all visitors can relax and simply enjoy the service before continuing on with their day.
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